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This page lists interviews, discussions, and other events that I have participated in recently.


Interview about my book, The Black President: Hope and Fury in the Age of Obama
This is an appearance on the History Author Show with host Dean Karayanis in which we discuss my new book on the Obama presidency. (February 21, 2022)


Presentation on my forthcoming book on the Obama Presidency
This is an invited talk on my forthcoming book, The Black President: Hope and Fury in the Age of Obama, sponsored by the UNC Carolina Public Humanities and Flyleaf Bookstore of Chapel Hill, NC. (July 8, 2021)


Documentary on the Juneteenth Holiday
This is an ABC7 interview that is excerpted from a longer documentary on the origins and purpose of  Juneteenth entitled "Our America: Black Freedom." (June 14, 2021)


Presentation before the World Affairs Council of Charlotte
Invited talk entitled "From Africa to America: A Journey through Black History." (June 9, 2021)


Interview on 2020 Presidential Election
Excerpt of a three-part interview with ABC11 TV station about the 2020 presidential election. (November 3, 2020)


Expert panel discussion on presidential debate
This panel discussion sponsored by ABC11 TV station featured impressions and analysis of the 2020 election and the last presidential debate. (October 22, 2020)


Interview and story on controversial monuments

This news story with ABC11 TV station focuses on the recent toppling of statues and monuments dedicated to the Confederacy and other causes and individuals that have fallen into widespread disfavor. (June 23, 2020)

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